Vehicle Cleaning

Limpieza de Vehículos

Vehicle cleaning service


Exterior car cleaning

We remove all dirt present on the outside of the vehicle. This is done by combining cleaning products, manual work of our cleaners and the use of a pressure washer. The pressure washer provides us with pure water (free of lime residue and other materials). The combination of all these factors generates a quality service.

Interior cleaning of vehicles

We remove all that dirt present inside the vehicle. The vacuuming of the carpet and seats is carried out by a very powerful equipment of aspiration. We clean the dust and dirt deposited in dashboard and wash all glasses and mirrors. For this we use a range of non-aggressive products with the materials that make up the interior of the vehicle.

Vehicle upholstery cleaning

What is extraordinary of this service its versatility. Since we can perform the cleaning of the upholstery of your vehicle’s carpets and seats, as well as individually, each one of the above-mentioned parts. Even the cleaning caused by just a spot or stain on any of them.

Integral cleaning of vehicles

Integral cleaning is the total cleaning of your vehicle, which is the sum of all the above services.

The result is astounding. Your vehicle will be clean and sanitized.