Legal Notice

1. Legal information and acceptance
The current regulations rule the use of the website service (from now on, the ‘Portal’) that Auto Vidrios SL (from now on, Rentalcarplanet) makes available for Internet users.
Auto Vidrios SL with registered office in C/ Rio Mesa, N.º 26, 29620 Torremolinos and C.I.F. number B29108883 is registered in the Mercantile Register of Malaga, volume 3130, sheet MA-11100, entry 6.
The access to the website is free except with regard to the cost of the connection through the telecommunications network supplied by the access provider hired by the users. Determined services are unique to our clients and their access is restricted, but it is possible to establish particular conditions, regulations and instructions that in some cases replace, complete and/or modify the current Legal Notice and must be accepted by the User before initiating the correspondent service delivery.
The services provided by Rentalcarplanet will have their price indicated, where relevant, in every commercial offer made available by this entity at the disposal of their clients and/or potential clients. The use of these services, offered to the Users through the Portal, is subjected to particular individual conditions (from now on, the “Particular Conditions”) which, as the case may be, replace, complete and/or modify this Legal Notice. Thus, before the use of such services, the User must also read carefully the correspondent Particular Conditions.
The use of the Portal attributes the condition of Portal user (from now on, the ‘User’) and implies the acceptance of all conditions included in this Legal Notice. The Portal’s delivery service has a length that is limited to the moment when the User is connected to that or any other service available in the Portal. Thus, the User must read carefully this Legal Notice in every occasion in which the use of the Portal is proposed, as this notice and its use conditions may be modified.

2. Intellectual and industrial property
All contents included in the Portal, being perceived in a merely expository manner as texts, photos, graphics, images, icons, technology, software, links and further audiovisual or sound contents, as well as its graphic design and source code (from now on, the “Contents”), are intellectual property of Rentalcarplanet or third parties. Exploitation rights, recognized in matters of intellectual property on the same subjects by the regulations in force, cannot be perceived as ceded to the User, except for those strictly necessary to use the Portal.
The brands, trade names or distinctive marks belong to Rentalcarplanet or third parties. The access to the Portal does not attribute any right over the aforementioned brands, trade names and/or distinctive marks.

3. Terms of use of the Portal
3.1 General
The User commits to make appropriate use of the Portal in accordance with the Law and this Legal Notice. The User will answer before Rentalcarplanet or before third parties for any possible damages on account of the breach of the mentioned obligation.
It is specifically forbidden to use the Portal for injurious purposes to properties or interests of Rentalcarplanet or third parties, and to overload, damage or disable networks, browsers and further computer equipment (hardware) or computer products and applications (software) of Rentalcarplanet or third parties in any other way.
3.2 Contents
The User commits to use the Contents in accordance with the Law and this Legal Notice, as well as the other terms, regulations and instructions that may apply in accordance with clause 1 –particular conditions-.
In a merely expository manner, according to the legislation in force, the User must refrain from:
Replicating, copying, distributing, making available, publicly displaying, transforming or modifying the Contents except in cases permitted by Law or expressly authorised by Rentalcarplanet or, where appropriate, by whoever holds the ownership of the exploitation rights.
Replicating or copying for private use Contents that may be considered as Software or Database in matters of intellectual property by the regulations in force, as well as their public display or the making available for third parties when these actions necessarily imply the copy by the User or a third party.
Extract and/or reuse the whole or a significant part of the Contents constituting the Portal, as well as the database Rentalcarplanet makes available for the Users.
3.3 Links input in the Portal 
The internet user who wants to introduce links in the Portal from his/her own website must conform to the conditions detailed down below. The lack of awareness of these conditions does not imply a release from the liabilities deriving from Law.
In any case, unless expressly allowed by Rentalcarplanet, it shall be prohibited, according to the applicable legislation in force in that moment, establishing iframes or any other kind of frames that may include the Portal or allow the visualization of the Contents through any Internet addresses other than the Portal. And in any case, if they are displayed along with contents unrelated to the Portal that: (I) Produce, or may produce error, confusion or deceit among the users as to the true source of the service or the Contents; (II) imply comparison or unfair imitation; (III) can be used for taking advantage of the brand’s reputation and Rentalcarplanet’s prestige; or (IV) are prohibited by the legislation in force in any other way.
No kind of false, inaccurate or incorrect manifestation as to Rentalcarplanet, its members, employees, clients or as to the quality of its services will be carried out by the website introducing the link.
In no case, unless expressly allowed by Rentalcarplanet, the website where the link is located will express Rentalcarplanet has permitted the inclusion of the link or the idea that it sponsors, collaborates, verifies or supervises the sender’s services.
It is prohibited the use of any word, graphic or mixed mark or any other distinctive sign of Rentalcarplanet in the sender’s website unless permitted by the Law or expressly allowed by Rentalcarplanet and just as long as it is permitted, in these cases, a direct link to the Portal in the form described in this clause.
The website establishing the link must faithfully comply with the Law and under no circumstances will it arrange or link to own or third parties’ contents that: (I) are illicit, harmful or against moral and decency (pornographic, violent, racist, etc.); (II) mislead or may mislead Users with regard to the false idea that Rentalcarplanet endorses, supports, agrees with or in any way backs the sender’s legal or illegal ideas, manifestations or expressions; (III) are inappropriate or irrelevant to Rentalcarplanet’s activity on the basis of location, contents and topic of the sender’s website.

4. Liability exclusion
4.1 Of the quality of the service 
The access to the Portal does not imply Rentalcarplanet has the obligation to control the absence of virus, worms or any other harmful computer element. The User is responsible for the availability of proper tools for the detection and disinfection of harmful computer programs in all cases.
Rentalcarplanet does not take responsibility for damages in Users and third parties’ computer equipment during service delivery in the Portal.
4.2 Of the availability of the Service 
The access to the Portal requires services and supplies on the part of third parties, including transport through telecommunication networks whose reliability, quality, continuity and functioning is not Rentalcarplanet’s responsibility. Therefore, services provided through the Portal can be suspended, cancelled or inaccessible, previously or simultaneously to the service delivery of the Portal.
Rentalcarplanet does not take responsibility for any kinds of damage of the User as a result of failures or disconnections in the telecommunication networks producing the suspension, cancelling or interruption of the Portal’s service during the service delivery or previous to it.
4.3 Of the contents and services linked through the Portal 
The access service to the Portal includes technical linking measures, directories and even searching tools, which allow the User the access to other websites and portals on the Internet (from now on, ‘Linked Sites’). In these cases, Rentalcarplanet works as a intermediation service provider, in accordance with article 17 of Law 34/2002, on the 12th of July, about Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y el Comercio Electrónico (LSSI) and will only be liable of the contents and services supplied through the Linked Sites to the extent that it is really aware of the unlawfulness and has not deactivated the link with due diligence. On the assumption that the User considers there is a Linked Site with unlawful or inappropriate contents, he will be able to communicate it to Rentalcarplanet in accordance with the procedure and the effects established in clause 5. This communication does not imply the obligation to withdraw such link in any case.
In no case must the existence of Linked Sites presuppose the existence of agreements with the people in charge or the title holders of such sites, nor the recommendation, promotion or identification of Rentalcarplanet with the manifestations, contents or services provided.
Rentalcarplanet is not aware of the contents and services of the Linked Sites and therefore, does not take responsibility for damages caused by the unlawfulness, quality, lack of update, unavailability, error and uselessness of the contents and/or services of the Linked Sites nor any other damage incapable of being directly imputable to Rentalcarplanet.

5. Communication of unlawful and inappropriate activities
In the event that the User or any other internet user is aware of the Linked Sites referring to websites whose contents or services are unlawful, harmful, insulting, violent or against moral; or any information included by the Users themselves, through the services offered in the Portal, having a similar consideration to the one described above, you will be able to communicate with by entering the following data:
-Personal data of the sender: name, address, telephone number and e-mail address;
– Description of the events that reveal the unlawfulness or inappropriateness of the Linked Sites;
– On the assumption that it violates rights such as intellectual and industrial property, personal data of the title holder of the transgressed right when the holder is a person other than the sender. Likewise he must supply the title proving the authentication of the right’s title holder and where appropriate, the title of the representation for acting on behalf of the title holder when the holder is a person other than the sender;
– Express statement confirming that the information contained in the complaint is exact.
The receipt on the part of Rentalcarplanet of the communication planned in this clause will not suppose, as declared in the LSSI, the real awareness of the activities and/or contents indicated by the sender.
Likewise, the sender must supply the title proving the authentication of the rights’ title holder and where appropriate, the title of the representation for acting on behalf of the title holder when the holder is a person other than the sender; Express statement confirming that the information contained in the complaint is exact.

6. Legislation
This Legal Notice is ruled in every single point by Spanish Law.
Auto Vidrios S.L
C/ Rio Mesa 26 – 29620 Malaga
CIF B29108883