Delivery service

servicio de entrega

Delivery Service


In Rental Car Planet we are working for your comfort. Our delivery service in Malaga airport and Malaga train station is perfect to start your stay in Malaga without queues.

Delivery service in Malaga airport

One of our employees will be waiting for you in the arrival’s hall in the airport. We will transport you to our office placed just a few minutes away from Malaga airport. Therefore, you will not have to wait the long queues at Málaga airport, nor wait for any minibus along the other costumers. Our exclusive service guarantees swiftness and convenience for you to start your holidays calmly.

Delivery service in Malaga train station

If you want to pick up your rental car in Malaga at Maria Zambrano train station, a Rental Car Planet employee will be waiting for you at the station and will deliver you the car there. This is probably one of the most exclusive services in Malaga train station you can find.

In this way we want to facilitate customer mobility during their stay in Spain. If you need the rental car in a specific place such as your hotel, we can take it also without any problem.

For us the service to our customers is the most important. For this reason the charisma and kindness of our workers is fundamental in our day to day life. And our main goal is always that the customer is happy with our service.

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